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The Team Luke Hope for Minds Advocacy Program was developed as we noticed a trend of families feeling overwhelmed with the volume of follow up and research needed to best care for their child. We also often hear that there is too much information and not enough guidance on how to bring it all together. Our goal of the advocacy program is to provide each family with 5 hours of one-on-one time with a personal advocate who can help them with anything they need. A five-hour advocacy service can include any combination of the following:

– Advocate getting to know the child and family needs.
– Organizing and deciphering paperwork and information pertinent to the child’s injury and diagnosis.
– Assistance finding therapy, doctors, etc.
– Drafting and delivering communication on behalf of the family.
– Navigation of insurance and government assistance programs.
– Delivery of Action Plan for continued progress in the above areas.

Since each family’s journey is unique to them and their child, our advocates will be able to provide a tailored array of information and solutions to fit their needs. Our advocates can provide guidance on a variety of topics, they can reach out on behalf of the parents to schedule appointments, they can connect our families with other resources that might be beneficial to their child or family and more.

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As we kick-off our Advocacy services, our goal is to provide 25 families with five hours of one-on-one advocacy support. Five hours of advocacy services costs $250 and to provide services to 25 families we must raise $6,250.

Your donation today can provide an hour of support for $50 or provide one 5-hour advocacy session to one family for $250.

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