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Rehabilitation: The Long Road to Recovery with Kristen Taylor, DO

Rehabilitation: The Long Road to Recovery:

What happens next? How families choose which therapies are needed, how frequently they’re needed, and long-term goal establishment for ongoing recovery after brain injury.


About Kristen Taylor, DO:

I was raised with an expectation to always be compassionate towards others, and to lead my life with a servant’s heart. I’ve found the greatest joy and sense of purpose in my work helping children with physical and cognitive impairments, enabling them to enjoy their lives to the fullest of their abilities, and enabling them to achieve the highest level of independence that their diagnosis allows. By empowering these children and their families to reach for their goals, I earn the privilege of sharing in their victories.

Cook Children’s Pediatric Physiatry allows me to care for physically and cognitively disabled children in a team approach to optimize their complex medical care and functional outcomes. The successes of these children are often the result of a miraculous team of medical providers – including their primary care doctors and many specialties at Cook Children’s – as well as each child’s unwavering will to continue their fight.

Pediatric Rehabilitation is the specialty where patients and families seek help, with anticipation of enriched quality of life, improved function, and reduced caregiver burden in managing the ever-changing needs of chronically ill and post-traumatic children. The feeling of accomplishment on a child’s face after working so hard over so many weeks and years brightens my day, pushing me to continue fighting for what is best for my patients and their families.


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