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Patrick Mahomes Chooses Team Luke Hope For Minds

My Cause My Cleats

Kansas City Chiefs' Quarterback Patrick Mahomes Chooses Team Luke Hope For Minds for his My Cause My Cleats charity

Kansas City Chiefs’ star quarterback (former Texas Tech quarterback) Patrick Mahomes choose Team Luke Hope for Minds as his charity to support during the My Cause My Cleats campaign.  Mahomes will sport his TLHFM cleats during the Dec. 9th, 2018 Chiefs vs. Ravens game. The cleats will then be auctioned off after the game and 100% of the proceeds for the cleats will go to TLHFM.

You can also purchase tickets to the game and $10 from each ticket purchased through this site will go to TLHFM.
What’s My Cause My Cleats:  The NFL developed an annual campaign called My Cause My Cleats where players from around the league sport custom footwear designed to bring awareness to charitable efforts important to them. The shoes will then be auctioned off following the game with proceeds benefiting each respective cause.
Why Patrick choose TLHFM:  “The Texas Tech tennis coach’s son, Luke Siegel, ended up suffering a brain injury because of a bad golf cart accident, and I could see his fight and his will to get back – doing everything he could every single day. It’s important to me to use my platform to share that message to kids around the world – that they can keep fighting and doing what they need to get back.”
His Cleats: “The cleats are awesome. They have all the colors that I wanted just in time for Christmas….The green represents their organization and I was able to throw a little red in there for the Chiefs, of course.”
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