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Forget the "New Normal": An Introduction to Empowered Neuro-Rehabilitation

Forget the “New Normal”: An Introduction to Empowered Neuro-Rehabilitation

When it comes to restoring the health and function of our brains and bodies, standard medicine falls short. Because restoring health and function is not what our medical model is set up to do. When it comes to saving lives, our medical model is phenomenal. Because saving lives is what it is set up to do. This can be a difficult realization. It can also be an empowered place to equip ourselves with knowledge, skills, and partnership to take control of our own health and recovery, and the health and recovery of our loved ones.


About Cavin Balaster:

Since his severe traumatic brain injury in 2011, Cavin has been studying neuro-rehabilitation like his life depended on it… because it did. After waking from his second coma over several weeks, Cavin found himself unable to eat, walk, or talk for months. Some of the doctors began to tell his family to “get used to their ‘new normal.” He has never been interested in that disempowering narrative. In learning and implementing principles of neurology, physiology, nutrition, and medical law, he has had a very successful recovery. He has since created a podcast, two websites, and published his first book, How To Feed a Brain: Nutrition for Optimal Brain Function and Repair. Cavin is now partnering with survivors and loved ones so that they have the best opportunity to recover. Using his experience, knowledge, and connections to support others with neurological injuries, he is influencing the standard model of neurorehabilitation, like he has set out to do since his very first blog entry. You can learn more about Cavin at, the Adventures in Brain Injury Podcast and…

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