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Harch HBOT for Pediatric Brain Injury, Why Precision Dosing Protocols Are Imperative by Paul G. Harch, MD

Harch HBOT for Pediatric Brain Injury, Why Precision Dosing Protocols Are Imperative:

Dr Harch knows that precision HBOT dosing protocols are imperative in the pediatric population. “The pediatric brain is exquisitely sensitive to HBOT.” He will share his knowledge & observations reflecting his 34 years of experience treating all different types of pediatric brain injury. His brain injury patients have unsurpassed recovery & healing results. Why healing the delicate pediatric brain requires constant observation by the HBOT physician in order to insure a steady recovery process. Rebuilding the pediatric brain can be done, it has been done & it’s a glorious work of art.


About Paul G. Harch, MD:

Dr. Harch is a clinical emergency medicine and hyperbaric medicine physician who, following the work of his mentor Dr. Richard Neubauer, helped pioneer the treatment of adult and pediatric brain injury with hyperbaric oxygen therapy. He is the co-author of the book, The Oxygen Revolution, a Clinical Professor of Medicine at LSU School of Medicine, New Orleans, and maintains a private hyperbaric medicine practice through Harch Hyperbarics, Inc.


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