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Neurotransmitter Testing & Supporting Brain Health by Nikki Drummond, CCN

Neurotransmitter Testing & Supporting Brain Health:

Brain Injury is a pervasive problem in the US and worldwide, and has been called the “silent epidemic” of modern times. Customized clinical nutrition techniques can offer patients tools and resources for using targeted nutrients to support some of the most common symptoms following a brain injury such as headaches, depression, anxiety, insomnia and cognitive decline. Neurotransmitter testing is one of these tools that can be useful in helping to identify the individual nutrient needs, and it can be done from the comfort of home. I invite you to learn about neurotransmitter testing and targeted nutrient support options that are available for patients, and have been used for over two decades with great success to aid in the recovery process of a brain injury.

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About Nikki Drummond, CCN:

Austin native Nikki Drummond is a Certified Clinical Nutritionist (CCN) specializing in the field of neuroscience. As the Founder of NeuroFit Nutrition™, she is known for her expertise in the field of clinical nutrition and neurochemical physiology. Since 1998, Nikki has become known as a speaker, instructor and educational writer in the healthcare field. She has held various leadership roles teaching the public, patients, professionals and physicians how to utilize leading-edge nutritional techniques in the treatment and prevention of various conditions that originate at the cellular level. Her philosophy is to be a proactive advocate for wellness through nutrition and lifestyle modification, relying on long-term pharmaceutical drug therapies only as a last resort.


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