Dinner with Drew

Roughly 1,500 people gathered at Lubbock Memorial Civic Center on May 9th for an inspiring evening with Team Luke Hope for Minds and Drew Brees. Stepping up on the stage, our Executive Director, Tim Siegel, welcomed the audience with a message of gratitude for their support, optimism for the future impact of Team Luke Hope for Minds and to share about his son Luke.

Drew Brees is Luke’s favorite athlete and his team, the New Orleans Saints, are a family favorite at the Siegel’s house. Following Luke’s golf cart accident, the family formed a relationship with Mr. Brees that included exchanging updates on Luke’s recovery for encouragement and emotional support. It was earlier this year that Drew accepted an offer to come to Lubbock and speak at a Team Luke Hope for Minds event. “I understand that I have a great position as a quarterback in the NFL to make a positive impact in the lives of a lot of people,” Brees said. “I take that responsibility very seriously and just try to do what I can for a lot of different causes.”

Following a dinner, live auction, silent auction and testimonies from two families Team Luke Hope for Minds has assisted, Drew took the stage for more than half an hour during a question and answer session with emcee Bryan Mudd. Speaking about this family, professional sports and his desire to help others, Drew captivated the audience. “I remember my grandfather telling me, ‘What you give to yourself dies with you. What you give to others lives forever.’ That always stuck with me,” Brees said. “So, I always wanted to be in a position where I really felt like I could make an impact on others.”

In the last 7 months, Team Luke Hope for Minds has provided financial assistance to 37 families and educational resources and emotional support to more than 60 families. We have also expanded our service area to include families outside the state of Texas and children who have brain injuries as a result of accidents, medical events and more. Tim shared with the audience, “There is no blueprint when your child has a brain injury. What to do when you go home from the hospital…no one really gave us a lot of hope”. With that in mind, Team Luke Hope for Minds is on a mission to provide help and hope to families like the Siegel’s. If you would like to help further our mission and reach more families in need, please click the Donate button in the top right corner!


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