Date Of Accident

August 2017

Age At Accident

8 years old

Meet Avery! Avery is almost 13 years old and a brain tumor warrior! She suffered a brain injury known as Posterior Fossa Syndrome at 8 years old. She has had to relearn how to do just about everything (breathing, talking, walking etc). When Avery was 10 years old her parents decided to get her a mobility and balance service dog. 

“The cost of a dog is $17k. We were fundraising for just a few weeks when we were introduced to Tim and Luke” Kaytee, Avery’s mother, says. “Tim immediately told me to contact Team Luke Hope for Minds to help with the remaining $5K. We then were placed on a list to receive this life-changing service dog. 2.5 years later Avery finally got her new best friend, Johnnycakes. He is amazing. She is able to hold onto him and walk independently. He just started going to school with her and has truly made a world of difference in her life. He is the best thing we could have ever hoped for. Thank you Team Luke Hope For Minds. You will always be in our hearts.”

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