Date Of Accident

July 2018

Age At Accident

2 years old

Meet Gabrien. He suffered a hypoxic brain injury at age 2 from an accident at a daycare facility.
The effects from the injury left Gabrien with little to no function. After a month of no improvement from a series of medications, his mother heard about hyperbaric oxygen therapy with Dr. Harch and reached out to Team Luke Hope for Minds for financial assistance.
After 20 rounds of treatment, he has recovered significant control in his head, arms and legs. His vision returned, and he no longer needs a bowel catheter.
“My family is so grateful for Team Luke Hope for Mind’s financial and prayer assistance,” Gabrien’s mother said. “Gabe wouldn’t have had the opportunity to have hyperbaric dives and probably wouldn’t be where he is today.”
“Recently our Angels (Chelsea and Ronda) went above and beyond to do all that they could to help make sure Gabrien would be able to make his appointments. Thank you ladies I know God is pleased with the work you are doing for him.”

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