Hunter was hospitalized after sustaining a head injury.

Here’s a message from his family:

“Last year, my 4 year old son, Hunter, was hospitalized after sustaining a head injury. Our family struggled for months to understand how to deal with and support him through the aftermath of a TBI.

We were relieved when we were introduced to the knowledgeable, kind, and caring “family” at Team Luke Hope for Minds. Our monthly parent support group introduces speakers on topics that impact the daily lives of our families and offers the opportunity to share our struggles and successes with understanding supportive people. Had it not been for the recommendations of a number of knowledgeable professional speakers, Hunter would not be on the positive path we are on today. We would never have recognized the array of Hunter’s issues as stemming from a TBI.

Our family has learned, with the support of Ronda and so many at Team Luke Hope For Minds, where to get professional help with, understand, and deal with Hunter’s sadness, aggression, fatigue, and visual issues. We have also learned and will be better prepared for the bumps in the road studies indicate will come during challenging times in Hunter’s life.”

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