Date Of Accident

October 2021

Age At Accident

16 years old

Meet Nicholas! Nicholas was involved in an ATV accident on 10/23/2021. He was put in a medically-induced coma for three days and spent two weeks in the ICU. He then was transferred to Nexus Neuro Rehab Hospital in Houston, Texas for two months of inpatient therapy.

“During this most difficult time of our lives, Team Luke Hope for Minds was there from the start! TLHFM provided guidance and support when my wife and I had no idea what to even think,” says Mr. Frescas. “Once released from inpatient rehab, TLHFM was always asking how things were and asking how they can help. They have since assisted in taking care of a big portion of our medical bills and have given us as a family the opportunity for family counseling services, as we now need to navigate our new world of healing and move in a positive direction. We would love to make a shout-out to Ruby, who has been so supportive and genuinely caring for our family’s unfortunate accident. Our family goal is to now donate ourselves to TLHFM and support the families they serve; raise awareness and help families understand the difficulties of TBI (or any neuro conditions families may have to endure). We would also like to be available to support other families virtually as TLHFM did for us.”

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