Canine Companions for Independence

How Canine Companions assistance dogs can help children with brain injuries by Kate Incremona

 How Canine Companions assistance dogs can help children with brain injuries:

1. Canine Companions Overview
2. Canine Companions dog’s Journey
* Training starting at 8 weeks with volunteer puppy raisers
* Foundation for professional training
* Socialization and basic obedience
* Professional training
* Medical and temperament evaluations
* Professional training skills, socialization, evaluations
3. How Canine Companions professionally trained assistance dog can support children with brain injuries
* Relationship with clients throughout duration of working life
* Deliveries of retrieved items
* Companionship for child and family
* Speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy
* Decrease behavioral , fear and resistance, difficulty making transitions
* Emotional support at doctors appointments


About Kate Incremona:

My name is Kate Incremona and I have been working as a trainer at Canine Companions for Independence since April of 2017. I was born and raised on the New Jersey shore, graduated from Virginia Tech in 2016, and began chasing my dream of working with assistance dogs the following fall. I have always loved animals and knew that my heart was set on working with dogs so I packed my bags for Hutto, Texas, where I studied canine training and learning theory and received a certification as a Canine Training and Behavior Modification Specialist. After the three month certification program I relocated to Santa Rosa, California where I began my journey with Canine Companions. I spent nine months at National Headquarters in Santa Rosa, six months at our South West Campus in Oceanside, Ca, and finally made my way to our South Central campus, in Irving, Texas, where I call home. Since beginning with Canine Companions I have trained over fifty dogs and have fallen in love with each of them. I have a five year old mutt at home, named Cooper, who loves to be the center of attention and perform fun party tricks for any and all audiences. When I am not working with dogs I enjoy live music and country dancing. Though I embarked on this dog training journey with a passion for animals, I quickly learned that my true passion is connecting with our clients and helping them to gain independence through our assistance dogs. I am so excited to tell you more about our incredible dogs and mission.


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