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“Open forum” support groups are a space where you can build community with other caregivers by encouraging and guiding one another in a meaningful way. In open forum support groups, you can talk openly about your feelings without judgment, and reduce feelings of loneliness, isolation, and depression. 

“Focused” support groups allow professionals to present on various topics related to pediatric brain injury and support for caregivers. You will have opportunities to increase your understanding of brain injury, get feedback about treatment options, and learn about local, state, and federal resources.  

“Sibling” support groups encourage brothers and sisters of children with acquired brain injury to meet other siblings and talk about their experiences, thoughts, feelings, and challenges. Siblings learn effective coping skills to manage difficult emotions and explore new perspectives of living with a sibling with a brain injury. Siblings also have fun playing games, laughing, and talking to other children they relate to. 

“Dad” Dad support groups provide an opportunity for dads of children with an acquired brain injury to connect, build community, and encourage one another.

“TBI Survivor” support groups allow older teens/young adults to meet other brain injury survivors, share stories, advice, and gain a sense of community and empowerment.

“Your Marriage Matters” support groups are led by a licensed professional to help guide couples overcome obstacles together, and maintain a healthy marriage in spite of challenges brought on by raising a child with a brain injury.

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