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Special Needs Planning - Key Steps to Achieving Financial Success by Allison Schaberg

Special Needs Planning – Key Steps to Achieving Financial Success:

As a parent of a child with special needs, you know there are many decisions to be made as it relates to the future of your special needs family member. Considerations such as transitioning, future care options and preservation of benefit eligibility are a few items that require intentional evaluation. These are especially important if you have a child who may need care for the rest of their life. Allison is willing to answer your questions during one of our focus support groups in the future. We will announce the date via social media and through an email. Stay tuned.


About Allison Schaberg:

Financial Planner Allison Schaberg, Owner of Consolidated Planning Group, is an advocate and leader in the Special Needs Planning Community. Allison is ready to partner with you to develop a customized special needs care plan for your family. We welcome your call at 281-690-1177.


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