Purchase Your Superticket!

You can purchase your Superticket or any add-ons at the golf tournament! Online purchase is now closed!

Save Your Payment!

You can give us a card to file when you arrive at the golf tournament! Online submission is now closed. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Submit Your Waiver!

You can submit your waiver upon arrival at the golf tournament! Early submission is now closed. 

Superticket, Add-Ons and Payment Options

You can purchase your Superticket and any add-ons prior to the golf tournament using the form below. You can also use the below form to save a debit to credit card for use at the golf tournament.

Why do this now?

When you check-in at the golf tournament, we will verify your information, check to see if you have a card on file, see if you have purchased a Superticket or add-ons, verify we have your waiver, and pull your event shirt. If you fill out the below form, we will have your Superticket and shirt already set aside for you. This will shave a considerable amount of time off your check-in which allows you time to hit the driving range, catch up with your crew or grab your lunch before you tee off. It also allows us to check everyone in quickly and get you all teeing off at the correct time!

How it works!

Scroll down to the form and verify your name and email address. Then, you will see a section where you are able to select a Superticket or any individual add ons. If you purchase a Superticket prior to the tournament, you will receive 3 helicopter drop balls on us! The helicopter will drop the balls before the shotgun start and the ball that gets closest to the hole will win a great prize! The prices for each item are listed and you can pick and choose which items you would like to purchase. Once you have selected all of you would like, just continue down the form and submit your card information. We will use the card information to charge you for your purchase and will also save the card for use at the tournament. At check-in, we will confirm the card you submitted and if you would like to make any changes at that time, you can!

If you do not want to purchase a Superticket or any add-ons but would like to save your card, that is no problem! You will use the same form below, just skip the Superticket and add-on section and only verify your name and email and submit your card information. We will verify this card with you at check-in and if you would like to make any changes at that time, you can!

What do you have to lose?

Nothing! We would rather check you in quickly and let you spend your time golfing and enjoying great company rather than having you stand at the check-in table signing waivers and filling out a form to save your payment. Your participation is early check-in allows us to expedite the process and ensure you have a great time!

Submit Your Waiver

Each golfer is required to submit a waiver for the 2019 golf tournament for us to have on file. You can simply download the below form (click the “2019 Waiver of Liability” link just below this section) and fill it out. You can use a PDF editor to complete the waiver on your computer or you can print, fill out and scan the waiver back to your computer. Either way, once you have signed the waiver, you will click the button below and it will take you to a form that will allow you to upload your completed waiver and submit it to us. If you prefer, you can also email your waiver to ronda@teamlukehopeforminds.org


We appreciate your assistance in submitting your waiver in advance of the tournament as it allows us to speed up the check-in process. If you have any issues or questions, please email christina@teamlukehopeforminds.org


Download Waiver:

2019 Waiver of Liability[1]

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