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We have many families who would like to create a fundraiser for their child to help with the cost of therapy, medical equipment and more. As a result, we have created a platform that allows individuals to create their own fundraising page with information and photos that can be shared on social media, via email and text that help support their child, as well as other children. Family and friends can donate toward the goal and your page will keep track of how much you have raised and how much more is needed to meet your goal amount. In order to set up an individual fundraising page with us, there are three guidelines that you must meet and agree to follow. They include:


1. The purpose of the Individual Fundraiser must be in sync with our mission to enrich the lives of children with a brain injury and give hope to their families through support and education. The purpose for your fundraiser will be included on your individual account request form before an account is created. If the purpose of your fundraiser changes, families will need to send it in writing for re-approval.


2. All requests for disbursements must be accompanied by a billing statement/receipt. We will pay the company/person directly for the service/item or reimburse the family. We will not give the money directly to a family unless it is a reimbursement.


3. 25% percentage of all donations made to an Individual Fundraiser are to be considered a donation to Team Luke Hope for Minds. This donation will be used to assist with the administrative cost of offering this program and towards other financial grants. 


If, after reading the above guidelines, you wish to apply to participate in our Individual Fundraiser program, please click the button below. You will be directed to a page with a request form that you will complete and submit. Once we receive your request, we will contact you directly about setting up your fundraiser. If you have questions or are unsure if you qualify to participate, you can complete the form and include your questions in the questions/comments box at the bottom and we will contact you to discuss further.

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