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There are many tangible measurements of your support, such as financial assistance, hours of advocacy services, support groups and educational resources. Then, there are ways your support impacts our families that are immeasurable, like providing hope, encouragement, a helping hand and easing emotional and financial burdens. Our aim is to be a resource that our families can turn to in any season, and know that we will stand with them and help meet their needs. When you make a donation, attend an event, purchase merchandise or volunteer your time with Team Luke Hope for Minds, you are standing alongside our kids and their families. Your generosity directly impacts children with a brain injury and subsequently impacts their families and caregivers. We encourage you to visit our website and click on the “Give Support” tab where you can explore all of the ways that you can make a difference in the life of a child with a brain injury.
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Joy suffered a brain injury after being shaken repeatedly by her biological father when she was 4 months old. As a result, she now has fluid on her brain, experiences hemorrhaging, has quadriplegic spastic cerebral palsy and is legally blind. Joy was ultimately adopted by her current family who contacted us and asked Team Luke Hope for Minds to purchase Joy an adaptive wheelchair. We were thrilled to be able to provide Joy with an adaptive wheelchair!


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“On Tuesday, July 28, 2015, my son was in a senseless golf cart accident, and everything changed. It has been almost four years and those words are still very difficult to write.

It’s in God’s Hands is Tim Siegel’s honest and moving account of the grief he has experienced since the day of Luke’s accident and how his relationship with his son has changed and grown. He shares the daily struggles of caretaking, memories of his interactions with his son before the accident, and stories about the people he has met and helped in the aftermath.

Through the journey, Tim realized that he wanted to help others going through similar circumstances. He wrote the book to give hope to families enduring difficult situations.

It’s in God’s Hands is a father’s tribute to his son’s life: who Luke was before the accident, the fighter he has become as he works toward recovery, and the lives he has impacted.

All proceeds from book sales go to Team Luke Hope for Minds – we encourage you to order your copy today on the Team Luke Hope for Minds website or Amazon!

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Team Luke Hope for Minds
Co-Funds Lokomats in Texas!
If you have been following Luke Siegel’s brain injury journey for any period of time, you likely know that each week Luke and his father, Tim, make the drive to Ft. Worth for therapy. One of the main reasons the Siegel’s decided to take Luke to Fort Worth each week was to have access to a piece of therapy equipment called a Lokomat.
A Lokomat is a robotic treadmill training system that uses a body weight support system to suspend individuals while their legs are attached to robotic legs that assist with basic walking functions. The Lokomat system allows the therapist to control how fast the patient walks, how much body weight the patient is able to support and how much assistance the robotic legs give the patient through range of motion. In addition to brain injury survivors, individuals impacted by stroke, spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy and other neurological diseases can benefit from Lokomat therapy.

We are thrilled to announce that we are co-funding two Lokomats in the state of Texas! One is located in Austin and the other in Lubbock. When we were approached about the opportunity to help bring these life-changing devices to Austin and Lubbock, we knew it was a profound way that we could give back to the communities that have supported our families and our mission. Children and adults will have access to the Lokomat through Spero Rehab in Austin and Trustpoint Rehabilitation Hospital in Lubbock. Another factor that impacted our decision to help fund the Lokomats was the fact that so many individuals would be able to benefit from having access to them. We provide financial assistance to families constantly and it felt like a natural progression to also invest in resources that would bring cutting edge therapy to our communities. Stay tuned for updates on the Lokomats and the impact they are having in Austin and Lubbock!


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