Date Of Accident

April 2016

Age At Accident

1 year old

Meet Bryson from Dallas, Texas! He suffered an anoxic brain injury after experiencing a loss of oxygen due to RSV when he was 3 months old.

“This grant will be a tremendous help to our family financially, emotionally, and physically,” says Bryson’s mother, Rita. “This provides Bryson an opportunity to capitalize on this time to build strength. This strength will help him develop a better gait(walk-in trainer), and reduce stress on his hips which are at risk because of not being strong enough to stand without support. This will also help his core which directly impacts his feeding, joint attention while in school, and his ability to transition from puree to more age foods. Having more core will help him interact with his environment and give him an opportunity to be in class at school that is more focused on school work and less just life skills. From an emotional standpoint, it will help us as parents to know that Bryson is moving closer to independence. Financially we can focus our efforts on the living expenses required to be in another city for 3 weeks.”

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