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In the summer of 2015, following Luke’s accident, Toni Burns found herself sitting at work sick to her stomach, unable to get the Siegel’s out of her mind. She wanted so badly to be able to comfort them but didn’t know how she could. Toni shared with us that she is thankful that she works in real estate and that she has flexible hours, so she can invest her time how she desires. It was that flexibility that allowed her to do what she knows how to do and set up a fundraiser to help the Siegel’s. She sent out a mailing to friends, family and Texas Tech University athletic employees. Toni started making a donation to Luke’s medical fund at closing for every referral who bought or sold a house with her. Toni told us, “I love working with foundations that help children and have always had a soft spot in my heart for hurting children and their families. I love that Team Luke Hope for Minds ministers to hurting families helping them navigate through their pain and giving them tools to help heal emotionally, financially, and physically.” Something that she found rewarding about partnering with Team Luke Hope for Minds is that even though she is no hands on working with the families, she sees great things that are being accomplished. She sees families being blessed, and she realizes that even though she is not directly working with families, she still has a small part in it all. She says, “There is no better feeling than making others day a little brighter”! If you are considering volunteering your partnering with Team Luke Hope for Minds, Toni wants you to know that there are so many great ways to volunteer and we need people of all walks of like. Whatever your talent is, it can and should be used to bless others!

Thank you, Toni, for your heart for our families and your continued support over the years!

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