What Am I Committing To?

By running or walking on the Team Luke Hope For Minds Marathon (½ Marathon, 5k or 1-mile fun run) team, you are making a commitment to raise money for our organization and run on our behalf.  

What this means, after you register for the race you will need to create a fundraising campaign (details in the registration section).  You you will need work with family, friends and companies to gather donations. It will take some time and effort to raise funds, but with a goal of only $500 per runner/walker we are positive it will be a fun experience an attainable goal.

There’s also a good chance your donations will be matched (up to a specific dollar amount, details to come).  That means for each dollar you raise, you’re actually raising $2 for Team Luke Hope for Minds, how amazing is that!  And you can even try to find your own match, increasing that to $3 for every $1 raised.

Don’t fret if you don’t raise $500 all your donations still count and you’re still running for our team. This is just a goal as we’re hoping to raise $15k this year.  The more your raise the more you earn though <link to the incentives section> But remember No Donation Is Too Small – every dollar helps!

We’ve put together some tips and tricks <link to Fundraising tips and tricks section> to help your efforts.  

Good Luck and thank you so much for your commitment and efforts to help our children and families.  

Remember the Power of One gift makes a true impact on each family:

  • $25 could pay for a gift card to a family in the hospital
  • $100 could pay for a care package for a family in the hospital or rehab center
  • $200 could pay for 2 hours of physical therapy
  • $320 could pay for 4 hours of counseling
  • $560 could pay for one month of vision therapy
  • $1,000 could pay for an adaptive bike
  • $2,250 could pay for 30 neurofeedback sessions
  • $3,000 could pay for 20 Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
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