Marathon, Half-Marathon and 5k FAQ's

  • Do I have to run with the team?

Absolutely not.  You’ll get a t-shirt from the team and are more than welcome to meet up with the team or a run alone.

  • Where do I pick up my packet?

You will pick up your own packet through Austin Marathon <link to packet pick-up information, open a new tab so doesn’t go away from this page>

  • If I run for a child, do they get all the money I raise?

No.  The money all goes to the charity and the charity distributes the funds to families as needed.  Legal would not allow the money go to each specific child. You can use the child’s name and story to help get donations though and just make sure you are specific that all donations go into the charity fund and will be distributed appropriately to the families in need.

  • Does my registration fee go to TLHFM?

No. This is the fee the race charges and it goes directly to the event.

  • I’m not a runner, what can I do to help?

Walk, donate, raise money, volunteer or recruit someone to run on your behalf.

  • Can I get a group of my own together to raise money?

Absolutely.  Email  There will only be one fundraising campaign created for the group and the individual incentives will not apply. However we can come up with group goals and incentives as well, depending on the size of the group. You can even compete against another group to see who can raise the most money. A great way to get people excited about fundraising.

  • What if someone wants to donate cash or a check instead of going online?

Not a problem.  

Cash:  Please email and you can coordinate a time to drop off the money.

Checks: Have them make out the check to Team Luke Hope For Minds , write your name and Austin marathon in the memo and mail to:  
Team Luke Hope For Minds
5701 West Slaughter Lane
Austin, TX 78745

Then on your crowdrise page on the right hand side, you can click on “offline donation” and enter the total amount.  These offline donations will count towards your total amount raised.


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